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Nancy, Cindy and Brent are in the house......

Co Hosts

Nancy Giere

Cindy Mayne


Brent Ellis


Nancy Giere comes from a large  and very loud Sicilian family. she learned that the best way to be heard is to tell a great story and make people laugh.  


Cindy Mayne works as a counselor, interventionist and hypnotherapist – and is often asked if hypnosis works for erectile dysfunction !

Together they  launched an amazing podcast program called Laugh at First Swipe  – a podcast that explores dating in the digital age.  Real people, real stories, really funny! In their show they talk about the wacky world of online dating. Everything from niche dating sites to crazy profiles, because let’s face it there’s some things you just can’t unsee. Their guests will share funny and poignant dating and relationship stories that will make you laugh and think!  Cindy and Nancy provide lively banter, insight and tips will help listeners have fun and enjoy their online dating experience.

Brent has been producing content for over 12 years. Brent really enjoys using the production skillset in a variety of forums and has experience producing political campaigns, online commercials, and a number of eLearning programs. He started in the education environment and like many others has transferred his skills into the tech world in his professional life. In his personal life Brent spends as much time outside as possible and gets to the beach whenever possible.